The theme of Nanjing International Biennial of Poster for Peace 2023 is “Mutual Learning between Civilizations and Peace Co-Construction.” Mencius, an ancient Chinese philosopher, once said, “Things are born to be different,” emphasizing the principles of nature, respecting the way of nature, and understanding the emotions of nature. He emphasized the diversity of civilizations and their mutual learning. Zhuangzi, another ancient Chinese philosopher, advocates for the concept of “the equality of all things,” pursuing self-awareness, equality of all things, and a state of harmony by “listening to the inequality and self-adjusting.” He emphasized the pursuit of peace and its co-construction.

Visual media functions as a narrative of civilization and a proclamation of peace, fostering faith in civilization and the dawn of peace through commemoration, restoration, tolerance, and shaping. In the grand scheme of things, the goal of the Nanjing International Biennial of Posters for Peace is to eliminate barriers and encourage integration. Through the depiction of posters and the conveyance of images, it represents the peaceful development path of Chinese modernization.

Today, we learn from each other, as if drawing light from the moon and cultivating the diverse flowers of civilization. As we collectively "design for peace," we build, establishing the virtuous nature into systems and producing the products of global peace.


Jiangsu International Cultural Exchange Association

Nanjing International Cultural Exchange Association


The Memorial Hall for the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders

Nanjing University of the Arts


Peace Design Institute, International Centre for Peace Art

School of Design,NUA


International Cities of Peace

Nanjing Peace Forum Organizing Committee